Is it time to start revising your anchor text approach?

anchor textSince the rolling out of Penguin 2.0 the SEO industries have been debating the new approach towards creating a backlink. Anchor text has been talked about for many years by webmasters and with the recent update it has become most people’s priority. The main rule of link building is that it has to appear natural to the algorithm; this means our anchor text must be varied. If you were to have all your backlinks with the same keyword anchor text for example “SEO Manchester” for this website, then Google would not think twice in penalising you.

Keyword Anchor text will not always get you ranked, you need to vary your anchor text using generic terms such as, Click Here, more info and click for more info. You can also use the brand name which a study shows is the most popular in Google’s eyes and also the url of the website. With a mixture of these terms your anchor text profile will appear more natural and reduce the risk of penalisation.

Another reason why we have to now pay more attention to natural looking anchor text is because of spammers using automated tools for backlinks such as blog comments, where they would use the same anchor text and spun content for thousands of backlinks hence why the Penguin update has had a major effect on sites without a varied anchor text profile.

My recommendation would be when embarking on a link building campaign use roughly 50% branded anchor text (Name of the company or domain), 25% exact keyword anchor text (This is the keyword you wish to rank for) and 25% other anchor text (these are the generic terms which are listed above, images and no anchor text). You can calculate the link profile percentages to give you a rough estimate on your target aim, for this you can use Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer or Google Webmaster Tools.

You will never meet this targets exactly it will be virtually impossible if you do it naturally but it is a great guide to work with. In summary SEO has moved on in the last couple of years and so has Google’s algorithm, content for links is just as important now so maybe if you are having trouble with getting to grips with Google’s new algorithm maybe it is time to revise your link building strategy.


Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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