Introducing the Facebook Graph Search

Last week I was talking about the competitiveness between two of the biggest social media platforms and two of the biggest search engines on the internet. Now I wrote about this just at the right time as recently Facebook have now announced a new feature/product which enhances their search performance. This is called the Facebook Graph Search.

Now Facebook have been working with their close friends Bing to deliver an all-new search tool for users on the social media platform. There are many opinions on this new tool good and bad but the one that interests us SEO people most is that how will this affect the Google presence. Internet search you can search for keywords ie “Football” Google will come back with 1.37 billion results but the Facebook Graph Search you can search for “My friends in Manchester who like Manchester City FC” (I’m going to get stick for that in the office) and the results within your Facebook account will bring up people who you are friends with on Facebook that have their location as Manchester and like the Manchester City official Facebook Page. So basically Facebook have created their own mini interactive social search engine within itself to make search experience on Facebook a lot more user friendly and fun with the help of Google’s biggest competitor Bing.

The Graph Search heavily relies on likes and connections through other users which could be a struggle at first…

As I mentioned in my last post that Facebook is doing a lot more to be the number one site on the Internet and this has to confirm it. In my opinion, Facebook is playing Google at its own game which is a clever move but Google has done nothing to counter act this just yet. Are they just sitting back carrying on with their own work by rolling out new Panda Updates? Not worrying about what other competitors are doing. The amount of worldwide users Facebook has, answer me this question… how many unique visitors will this attract to Facebook, surely not many more? Personally I think Facebook are doing this to maintain the number of users and not improve them but mainly to take a strike at Google.

The relationship between social media and search engines is continuing to grow and I honestly believe that this new wave of search experience via social media is just the start of something big.

If you wish to try the beta version of the Facebook Graph Search then join the waiting list here;

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Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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