Improving Old Content to Increase Traffic

Yes, another post about content but it really is still vital in enhancing your website/blog’s performance in the search engines. As we have discussed in recent posts content is all about quality and relevancy especially after the recent Penguin update. So for example, if you have an SEO blogImproving Your Content and have posts from a couple of years ago outlining the techniques which worked back then but are out dated in today’s SEO world.

Instead of deleting it and actually losing the content why not update it and optimise it the way you would do with any other website. Old content is still content at the end of the day and as it has been around for some time it will be trusted in the eyes of Google’s algorithm. There are many things you could do with out-dated content due to how SEO and evolved.

When editing your old content it is crucial to check all the onsite factors such as Meta title and descriptions but most importantly the keyword density. If your content it really old then it is more than likely it will be keyword stuffed as you could rank with 7% keyword density but now since the updates this is taken as spam. This can be harming your site and especially if you have internal links driving to other pages.

When you think that your content is now readable and acceptable in the users and Google’s eyes then next thing you will need to do is amend the internal links. If you have an old post and you have written many articles more recently then there is a chance that you would have created paths. It is worth a detailed check to see where you can direct people around the site from old content. This will increase the page views.

Finally, you can start the link building again. Yes for your old content which you have just improved! The advantages of now link building is that the quality of the content will be a lot better, it has trust with Google already and as long as you keep the relevance and consistency with these factors then you can’t go wrong.

If you have any further SEO questions or anything you wish to discuss about improving old site content, then do not hesitate to leave a comment in the box below and we will do our best to help!

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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