Hummingbird: Get to grips with the new Google update

hummingbirdGoogle released their latest update right on it’s 15th birthday. What a great way to celebrate, rolling out a whole new algorithm which is the biggest change in 12 years! Google claim that Hummingbird will enable users to search more human related queries to deliver more accurate results.

Queries that are more long tail and conversational, so being in the SEO industry we have had to take a step back and take a look at how we can work with it to deliver results. Many other webmasters are saying Page Rank is dead, Link building is dead and SEO in general is dead…

This is far from the case links will still have a significant part to play in your SEO campaign but it more about choosing the links with most quality.

Shortly after Hummingbird Google released a new Penguin update which to me states that they are still working on determing spammy links therefore link building is still as important as ever.

So if you have survived Penguin before then you must be going down the right path in terms of building quality links with a range of anchor text to your site.

One thing that needs to be thought about by everyone in the SEO industry is that the way we write content needs to be revised. With hummingbird targeting more human based search queries this means our content must be more question and answer based.

No longer do we optimise content for certain short keywords but now long tail phrases are just as important. The way I would recommend writing content now is look at the niche and think if I was looking for a service in the niche what would I type into Google.

For example if I wanted to find out what the recent Google updates were instead of just searching for “recent Google updates” I would type in, “What are the recent Google updates?”. Conversational search is what Google claimed when releasing Hummingbird.

The future of SEO

Well I have had this theory for months now and I think the next big thing will be mobile SEO and SEO for tablet devices. We are seeing more search engines bringing out voice search and Google are the first to take advantage.

Also Google are set to release Google glass, which is an amazing piece of technology where you can search the web and browse just by simply conversation.

So is it a big coincidence that Google have released an update which relates to conversational search just before they release a hands free browsing device?

I think not…


Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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