How to get your new website and blog quickly indexed by Google

googlebotWhen starting a new business or venture your new website may look the way you want it to but it is useless if no one can find you. This is normally done by search, so what can you do to get Google to index your website quickly? Let’s face it if it is a money making website, you ideally want to get the results as quick as possible. The way I see it is that if people can find you easier then so will Google, here are some tips you can use to do just that. A bonus is, some of these tips will help you gain a little extra traffic also!

The first thing you need to do to enhance visibility to search engines is to create a sitemap. Sitemaps list every page within your website via an XML document. It also tells the search engine when it wants to come back and visit changes that have been made to the website. There is two ways of installing a sitemap depending on what website you have, if you have a CMS website such as WordPress or Joomla then there are normally plugins or modules which you can use to create a sitemap automatically. If you have a html website or any other CMS which does not have that facility, then you can create a sitemap manually with XML Sitemap Generator and upload it to your website via FTP.

Now that you have a sitemap you need to tell Google to crawl it aswell as your website and to do this you need to submit your website and sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools. This is where you can track the movement of the Googlebot crawling your website.

Another great way of increasing visibility is to create your social media and social bookmark accounts and regularly update them. Googlebot accesses web pages via links and to get quick links from big websites which are regularly crawled is to post a link to your website to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +. That is the social media side, for social bookmarking you can use sites such as Delicious and StumbleUpon. This doesn’t also increase the chance of getting indexed by Google but this is what also can gain you that bit of extra referral traffic I spoke about earlier.

For your blog to get discovered you can submit your blog Url to blog directories and RSS submission websites. One RSS website which is recommended is Google’s own Feedburner.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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