How do I market my Content Better?

Social Sharing with Content Marketing

Forever the question in Content Marketing. You can make the best infographic in the world, the most interesting content and the most inspiring Video Blog seen on this rock. But if you can only get the ball rolling so far you’ll quickly find yourself flying down the frustration freeway as this SEO tactic fails to work.

So what’s the problem? Is your infographic too hard to understand? Is your content not as high quality as you first thought? Is your Video Blog offputting? The answer to all this is maybe. But then again maybe not. You can help to promote your content with one of the simplest ways possible, add Social Sharing to the bottom of your posts.

People can be lazy. It’s true. Just look at drive-throughs, fast food and supermarkets. No longer are people prepared to tackle the high street going from butcher to greengrocer to baker, they can visit the nearest supermarket and get everything in one place. It makes sense. So if you have a brilliant post and people get to the bottom and think “that was interesting” a lot of people will end on that thought and move on to the next article with very little benefit for your SEO.

However if you’ve got Social Sharing at the bottom of your post, people will read to the bottom of it, become confronted with these easy to use buttons and think “This is interesting, let’s see if my friends think so too”.

This is a simple and effective way to help boost traffic to your site as well as getting your info out there to more people.At the click of a button they can publish your article to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more places. Obviously we don’t want to go overboard with this and spend time creating share buttons for every single Social Network out there. But what is a good idea is utilising the main Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn) and then finding a few niche Social Networks where your post is likely to get shared, read, re-shared, read again, re-shared again in a wonderful cycle of visits to your website and social shares which is only ever going to boost your SEO.


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