How Beneficial Is a Blog?

Benefits Of A BlogSEO Technicians from all around are boasting about blogs and blogging, how effect it is, the benefits it provides, how its so important in successful SEO. They are correct of course, blogs do provide an outstanding number of benefits, the problem is, is that many of them are overlooked.


The first, and most obvious benefit of a blog is providing fresh content. Not only for Google, but for the reader too. After all, when you think about it, if there was no content; there would be no internet. Imagine a library of books, only referencing other books, kind of pointless in my opinion.


So if writing a blog is providing fresh content, what are the benefits of fresh content? Returning visitors is among the best keeping them updated with new information. Site indexing will occur more often from Googles algorithm, this for the reason being; they love content and will keep coming back for more. As a result of Google’s algorithms indexing your site more often, this will allow Google to trust your site. You will also be creating more natural pathways into the website. They key with fresh content is to make sure its quality content that catches the eye of Google and the reader.


Have you ever tried to optimise a page for a very odd or lengthy phrase? It can be difficult to do so, but with the process of writing a blog, this actually just became quite simple. You can provide SEO to a blog just the same as a normal page, with the ability of driving a very odd or very specific phrase. This can be done by ability to implement keywords with the rewording of a sentence and having unique titles. Especially quite lengthy search terms that may have difficulty being implemented to the title on a normal page.


Internal Linking is another useful part of blogging. Driving power from a simple blog to another part of the website, making it more user friendly, increasing the amount of site indexing even more and increasing page rank are among the top benefits.


A substantial number of traffic can be generate just through the use of posting links on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, leaving aside RSS, search engine rankings and other means of marketing. Blogs can provide a massive boost in traffic if properly utilised.


Interaction on your website is another quality feature providing people the ability to leave comments, discuss the post and share thoughts with other readers.


As you should have gathered from reading this article, not only is blogging great for helping your SEO Campaign, but also fantastic for internet marking and gaining user interaction. For the short answer of the original question: extremely!

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