Hot SEO Backlinking Methods for a Hot Tub Website

Having previously made many suggestions when it comes to backlinking over the last few weeks or so and recommended what I think works. What better way is there than to use an example of a client whom we have been able to rank highly for specific terms and increase their traffic to the website by a considerable amount. is obviously a Hot tub and Jacuzzi hire shop based in Leicester. What they wanted was to have good rankings for both local search and also try and get some keywords ranked for national level search.

The main difference between local and national search is amount of traffic usually, and more often than not the higher the traffic the higher the competition.

So we had 2 methods of attack when it came to SEO for this website, create pages targeting local related keyword terms and also pages for national level keyword terms, at times this could mean the homepage itself.

National level SEO is usually where you get most of your traffic, however do bear in mind, it may well not be as well “targeted” as local search traffic, by this we mean someone searching for “hot tubs” on a national level, might be wanting a range of different things ie prices, images, pictures, just ideas, not necessarily buying; but someone searching for “hot tub hire Leicester” is more likely to be in a “buyer mood”, therefore the searches tend to convert better, so to some degree its a numbers game, but don’t rule out those smaller searches which may convert well too.

Once the content was put onto the website, it was a case of going over it and making sure that all on page SEO is in place, things for this may include, but not exclusive to:

Correct amount of keyword density
Correct usage of LSI (Latent semantic indexing)
Only quality content used
Meta Tags and Descriptions
Title Tags Included.

Once all on page search engine optimisation is in place with quality content, written with the user in mind, and NOT the search engines, we can then begin the Off Page SEO aspect:

If you want to view the amount of backlinks this website currently has (as of the posting date of this blog) you will find there is about 150. Considering the position and niche that it is in, this is a relatively low number of backlinks, especially compared to some of the competition which have backlinks going into the hundreds, if not thousands.

In fact having too many links pointing to your website can now actually harm your rankings, as google, since updating their algorithms, can put your link count into a “negative score”, so in a nutshell, you want quality backlinks! Don’t just focus on quantity.

What we do then, over time is consistently backlink using a varied range of links to help create that broad profile. The backlinks are created from the database we have managed to compile over the years. They have been approved, verified and are only of high quality giving value to the client, or in this instance Driving traffic in their own right, but also accumulatively helping to gradually push the website up the rankings.

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