Happy Birthday Google!: Google celebrates its 15th birthday

googles birthdayYes that is correct it is 15 years to the day since Larry Page and Sergey Brin formed the biggest internet organisation the world has ever known. 15 years of advanced search quality on the internet and safely saying they have revolutionised the web to a whole new level!

But is it exactly 15 years to the to the day though? If you search Google on wikipedia it states that they were formed on the 4th September 1998 not the 27th

This is all down to the great debate back in 2005, Yahoo came out and announced that their index was substantially larger than Google’s. This in terms gave Google a fright at the time as no one had ever come out before and made such an announcement.

It sparked what is known today as the great debate between the two search giants. After some clever PR work from Google they then announced that for their birthday they have gotten bigger and a few other fundamentals to ensure they were kings of the size wars.

Of course back then it was all about size and not quality. More about reputation rather than user experience which now is no longer the case.

After this debate had been resolved Google officially announced its birthday was the 27th September (when they wanted it basically).


How did Google celebrate?

Just like all the other birthdays they have had they release a doodle, this year it was a Mexican piñata game (30 is my highest score). Also another really cool feature Google have rolled out for this celebration is the very first search engine they developed back in 1998 just type in “Google in 1998” and see for yourselves.

googles pinata

They also announced which for me was more than a coincidence a new search algorithm update named “Hummingbird” (named after being fast and precise apparently) which will affect 90% of English search queries! Yes that is correct 90%!

I will be going into more detail about this bold statement and more about what the new update is going to be all about and what factors we can take into consideration to stop any penalisation.


Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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