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Google Panda 21st Refresh

On the 5th of November it was reported that Google had released a new Panda update which was the 21st refresh of Panda by Google. This update was smaller than the previous update but we experienced dramatic fluctuations which were a lot more extreme to previous updates. Rankings were dancing about like something we have never seen before within hours a website would be on Page 5 and would jump to the top of page 3.

I have been doing research on this update and found comments from users who have experienced a significant drop in traffic with their websites and also a decrease in their page ranks, with the trends at this time of the year Google couldn’t have picked a worse time to release an update which was as extreme as this.

I also have noticed that Google have been indexing sites a lot more quicker and also including all the top end competition much more which must mean why we have seen such an extreme fluctuations in rankings.

In summary what I found surprising was there were many fluctuations in the top 2 pages for the key phrase Manchester SEO Company and SEO Manchester. Google said that 1.1% of English-language queries and 0.4% worldwide. Have you experienced much more?


Google Panda 22nd Refresh

Much more recently on the 21st of November Google had confirmed ANOTHER update just 2 weeks after they confirmed the Panda 21 update. As this is very recent there is not much we have experienced as of yet. But what Google have seemed to have done is make minor changes to Panda 21, the experience I have seen so far seems to be good and now rankings are starting to stabilise again and are moving up slowly. Google have released very little about this update so far so it is unpredictable what could happen at the moment.

According to search engine land the new update will affect 0.8% of English queries, which will be barely noticeable to the average user. As you can see this update is a lot smaller than the previous Panda 21 update.

So in summary the Panda 21st refresh was the big update that affected more people and now Google have released a smaller update to counter act this and start to improve the rankings on high quality websites which have been affected by the bigger update. The main aim of a Google update is to target spammers and black hat SEO, so if your website is not within these guidelines and has been affected, then do not worry Google have released updates and this should place you in the correct position where you should be.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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