Should Google be Worried? Are Other Marketing Options on the Horizon?

Googlebot, blind to the notion of marketing options from other search engines?If you’re an online marketer or even if you are just starting your business or career in the world of SEO, no doubt you are always pandering to the tune of Google. After all, Google is the alpha male when it comes to the ownership of the market with an estimated 67% of the overall market share of search engine searches.

So have Google got it sewn up? Is jumping when Google asks you to jump always be the case? Should it be?

In other words should all your efforts for marketing when it comes to online presence solely be focused on Google, how it ranks its site to tap into their traffic source?

 Well, there are a couple of different ways of thinking about this really.

In the first instance no, you should never throw all your eggs in one basket. If you’re new to the world of SEO, then take our word for it when we say that Google is a very temperamental beast. You can literally spend months doing what Google wants to get your website ranked on the first page, and when you get there only to find they have changed the rules (changed the algorithm) and what you’ve spent months doing previously is now actually seen as being harmful to your website.

The problem with concentrating your efforts to please Google is Google itself. You are at the mercy of how they want their search engine to rank things. What works one day may not work the next.

So with this in mind its a good idea to diversify your efforts. Look at other ways to bring in your traffic, if Google didn’t exist, what would you do?

Alternative Options you may want to consider for marketing:

  • PPC – Cost per Click
  • Media Buys
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email Marketing

These on their own, certainly combined could potentially bring you the same traffic, if not more, than what Google would.

Now the second way of thinking when it come to Google is this, do you think that Google maybe top forever? Some may say yes definitely, now although there is still a strong possibility of that, if I was Google I wouldn’t be so complacent.

With all these algorithm changes of late, has it crossed your mind why they have done this?

Maybe it’s because they want to improve their results and user experience.

However, it also maybe because they feel they gap is shortening from other competition from the likes of MSN who combined with Yahoo so they are having to revamp the way they do things.

Then there’s additional competition coming in from China and other search engines.

If you thin about it, Google is mainly just a field where you put a keyword in.

However with the likes of Bing etc they offer this also but can provide you with news and other features from their home page. Also, they too are working on their algorithms, and who’s to say they may not come up with better ways to rank and locate website when your search.

Bing and Yahoo always have big budgets to invest, so anything is possible.

Over the next few years, it’s going to be interesting how things hot up in the competition world and do you know something, I think a bit of extra competition when it comes to search engines won’t be a bad thing at all.

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