Google Having Manual Input for SERPs?

Great to be back blogging on Manchester SEO Company website and am even more excited about recent revelations in the world of SEO and more specifically, Google!

Recently we have all heard that Google have penalised Interflora. This was a huge shock to many, as many associate “penalties” from Google or other search engines as almost criminal and certainly unethical. But is this the case? The reality is that in many cases getting penalised is actually due to mistakes and things that companies overlook.

The majority of penalisations are for deliberate breaches of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

These mainly consist of dodgy SEO novices having a go at the SERPs, sometimes for financial gain and sometimes as a personal challenge.

They do however, also cover many bad SEO companies working on sites using poor, lazy and deliberately rule breaking tactics.

Google has always had a very automated element to it’s search engine rankings and in the past this has been taken advantage of from many different companies and SEOs. However, we are seeing an increasing number of mentions of “manual” activity from Google.

Is this another revolution? Last year we had thousands of sites and pages that were penalised on many different levels. This was thought to be a huge change in the search algorithms and it has been described by many as one of the most dramatic of all the changes.

Is Google Involving Manual Elements more a Good thing?

Ultimately there is only one answer to this question and it is unequivocally YES! For years people have cried out for more fairness in the SERPs for smaller companies.

Google having more of a manual element to it’s algorithms is ultimately better for every single user in the search engine process.

User: Users can sometimes get slightly inaccurate results and have a lack of choice for some search terms as there are many multi-national companies with high Page Ranks enjoying multiple listings on Google. Manual elements to the way Google organises it’s SERPs will offer more choice to users and better quality results, with content being more important than ever.

Businesses Who Use SEO Companies: If you are one of these then it is absolutely guaranteed that at some point you have been mislead or lied to by the company you employ. The new rules make it better than ever for SEO companies to garner better results (obviously their ability will dictate their potential), but all in all will give you a better chance of getting value for money, or clarity on your SEO strategy and in some cases, BOTH.

DIY SEOs: For years the world has been full of “SEO Experts” who have always practised giving advice to businesses (mainly on forums) whilst always having the ultimate excuse for not having their own rankings. Well now you will be able to rank by spending less time and certainly less money, creating more quality content. After all, that is exactly what Google wants.

SEO Companies: Many companies struggle to get through to clients as it is. The whole SEO process is very complicated and simply explaining Google criteria can be complicated to say the least. Manual elements to the criteria will give us more transparency with clients and more accountability (which there is not enough of in SEO in my opinion).

When I come to power I will personally ensure Google is mostly manually operated and governed in terms of the SERPs. This will be a fair solution and give companies around the world a chance to get more out of search engines and more importantly, give users better search results.

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