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With content being the most important thing to Google, they have built and introduced an application which enables bloggers to link their content to the SERPs. As of late it is becoming increasingly more popular with bloggers and webmaster, this is mainly due to the fact that Google are continuing to integrate their products into search results. Such as Google Drive and business listings on Google places, now they have gone to the next stage to try and increase the popularity of their “social media” product which is Google+.

Not only this but also to continue to stress the fact that content is still the king when it comes to SEO and increasing your rankings and more importantly your traffic. If you are a blogger, your main aim is to try and make your content visible to as many people as possible.

With Google Authorship it lets the user know that it is your content so they know who has written it with a link to their Google+ account and also a link to other articles which the author has written, this increases the chance of improving your click through rate. So in summary authorship allows the user to build trust with the author whose content their reading which will decrease the chance of people reading spam. So in Google’s eyes that is a win win for them as it will make it easier for the user of the search engine to identify quality content/search results.

Google Authorship


Author Rank

This is another feature of the Google Authorship application, which is the Author rank. Now I am sure you can figure out what I am going to say about this.


The author rank is crucial in fighting spammy content, users are able to see the level of trust in which the author has with Google. I suppose you can say it is a page rank for verified content writers and bloggers. Now if you see an author with a high author rank then you will know that they sure know how to produce good content and articles which Google trust. So we are more likely to read there article than another author who has a low rank. Again think of it this way, would you want a link on a PR0 or a PR5… Get it?

To build your author rank is similar to SEO as you NEED quality content and plenty of social activity on the content such as +1’s, retweets and likes. Also author rank was introduced into Google’s search algorithm some years ago but has not been in full effect, many webmasters think that it will be one of the main benefactors in the future for ranking well and improving your traffic.

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