Google Advanced Search With SEO

Many people seem to just skip passed the useful feature of “Advanced search”, possibly because they have never used it before, never quite noticed it or never quite needed a reason too. With SEO there can be times i personally find this a very helpful, free tool provided by Google.

google advanced searchThere are two versions of the Advanced search tool, Pages and Images. The search tool allows you to search Google for pages or images in many different aspects, with the features of searching pages normally via the “all of these words” box, exact words or phrases via that designated box and even allowing the ability to remove words from being searched giving you an even more accurate result for what you are looking for.

When working injunction with the feature allowing you to search terms only in a selected part of a page, I find this a fantastic way of finding relevant blogs for backlinking as you can search an exact phrase, in only titles pages, theoretically giving you exactly what you need.

If you’re looking for a specific image type, you can narrow your results down to the image size, aspect ratio, colours, image type, and even the format! The tool is great for finding specifically what you are looking for.

The Advanced search tool doesn’t seem to stand out when using Googles search engine giant, but nether the less it is there right at the bottom of the page! It is accessable by simply clicking the link or going to or

Over time, many SEO Technicians discover their own method of finding backlinks through the use of Google, and there are multiple ways of doing so. The benefits this way provides is the abillity to find pages with narrow and accurate results in a very small time scale.



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