Get People on board with Content Marketing

It’s not been that long since my last post has it? Ok, maybe a few weeks but those weeks have been productive. I won’t tell you what I’ve been up to but all will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

So! You’re ready to start Content Marketing, you have your Persona, you’ve been practising your writing and are ready to create some Killer content. You’ve freed up your afternoon and even have a title for your first blog post, coffee in hand, biscuits at the ready you prepare to start but the door opens and your manager walks in and asks what you’re up to.

Stop! They proclaim, there’s no point creating content that might not get any links, go out and build the links yourself, that way we get guaranteed results. A prehistoric view of Link Building I know, so how do you bring them onto your side?

Step 1 : Paint a Picture

You’re in business so there can be only one picture that you can paint; Conversions. That’s why anyone is in business so kidding yourself that Links and New Unique visitors to your site are real goals is not the way to go. By all means mention them, but treat them as rungs of a ladder to reach your final goal of conversions. If you start with how this will bring monetary results, you’re bound to ensnare attention.

Step 2 : Process

This is not a plan. The plan you’ll create will be much more specific and detailed for individual members of your team. The Process is the rough outline of the work you’ll be doing.

  • Research – take a look at your website’s Analytics. Are you busier during the week? Are there seasonal peaks and troughs in your traffic? Do certain keywords get searched more in one month or another? These are all factors you’ll need to condsider to get the best out of your campagin.
  • Consolidation – You’ve got the data, you’ve got your team, here’s where you set out your plan. Such things as when you’re on a seasonal spike of traffic, increase the amount of blog posts to maximise the effects.
  • Implementation – What are you waiting for? Get going! Execute your plan and prepare for the next step.
  • Analysis – Setting out with a plan and not stepping back to analyse it? Unheard of! You always need to check your results to see where you might be going wrong, where you might be going right and what you can do to fix where you might have gone wrong.
Step 3 : Expectations 
After the way you’ve just delivered you’ll have everyone baying to get started but before you can there’s one final thing you need to do. Bring everyone down from Cloud 9.
By all means you’re heading in the right direction, but expectations will need to be managed, not just to give you time, but to relax the pressure put on your team.
Once you’ve gone through these steps you should have everyone on board. So get that coffee, go nuts on the biscuits and get that content written.





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