Forum Posting to Create Backlinks

Forums are many webmasters enemies when trying to build links. This technique of link building is one of the most difficult techniques but it can have a big impact if perfected. It is a great tool to add to your link profile as it has so many benefits. Mainly because search engines index forums regularly due to the high amount of activity and also it is very time saving unlike directories and article directories but the most important part is to research what you are posting about.

Forum Posting

Firstly you will need to fill out all the required information about yourself for your profile, here you can normally add a link to the homepage of your website. The next thing you will need to do is create a signature and this will be your every backlink when posting so choose your keyword carefully. To get a signature approved you will need to write up a signature which looks professional but also still include the keyword. Normally you will see name, number, email address and website. My opinion is instead of just placing the website as an address; put it as one of your keywords with a link to the relevant page.

The only thing with signature links is that the majority are no follow links. (Yes I know, there is always a catch). But part of link building is a mixture of the 2 and forums provide them both!

Relevance is key to forum posting if you post something that isn’t correct then the moderators will kick you out of the forum right away for alleged spamming. When choosing a forum to post on make sure it is active with plenty of people replying to the topic. Again relevance is key, it needs to look natural to the moderators, for example; If you are trying to sell beauty products then you wouldn’t post on a DIY forum would you? So choosing an active and high PR niche related forum is a first must have.

Now the hardest part is adding your link into a post with your keyword anchor text. This is where most moderators will see what you are doing and more than likely they will kick you off the forum. This is where you will have to be clever and sound as convincing as possible, relevance again comes into play. If you are unsure about the niche, look it up and do some research or simply look at other reply’s and try and get a generic idea from that.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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