Facebook and Bing vs Twitter and Google?

Now we all know that Twitter is nowhere near as big as Facebook has been in the past couple of years but in all honest opinion Twitter is on the increase and I personally think that Facebook cannot get any bigger. In laymen’s terms Facebook has had all the glory and but now it is Twitter’s turn to take over the social media world.

Now people who work in SEO and online marketing know that Facebook has many interests with search engines mainly Bing which they merged with Facebook back in October 2010. So where does this leave Google? There biggest competitor within search engines has joined there biggest competitor when it comes to online power. Is this Facebook’s way of trying to take over Google as the most powerful site on the web?

Now in theory should Google be drawn into this battle and if so would they use Facebook’s tactics and connect with Twitter which is Facebook’s biggest competitor when it comes to social media. Now ironically Twitter is the only PR10 site on the internet, it has a higher page rank than Google itself which obviously means that it is the most trusted website on the internet. Is this a way of Google pointing out to Facebook that there main social media competitor Twitter is of better use to them than Facebook?

Now Bing and Facebook are bringing out little features which complement each other all the time, the latest one being Bing adding more content to its social sidebar to complement the new Facebook Graph. It’s little things like this which Facebook are looking to improve on, Google don’t seem to be doing much apart from refreshing their Panda updates. So what about if Twitter and Google merged together, would this make them the most powerful force on the internet because clearly Google thinks highly of this social media platform and they trust it more than anyone else.

If this does happen, do you think it will be a good thing to do for both Twitter and Google? If so what kind of features do you think they would bring out to counter act the movement of Bing and Facebook and would it have an effect on the SEO industry? Because let’s face it, if Twitter has a lot of room for improvement and more and more people start to use it then surely that means that there is a hell of a lot of traffic which can be up for grabs.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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