How Not To Be Mislead By a Rogue Seo Company

SEO is a very useful marketing tool for your website, however, unfortunately, like many professional fields out there, there are the so called “cowboys” who will shamelessly take advantage of those not in the know of what SEO truly is and how it works with all its components.

Seo is regarded as a field which requires “experts”, “technicians”, “geeks”, call them what you will! So if you are the average Joe on the street how are you going to know that you are not being lead up the garden path, doomed to be left up the proverbial creek without a paddle?!

Well truth be known unless you know how SEO works, and lets face it not many people do, then potentially you could leave yourself up open to someone misleading you, mis -selling you, over pricing a service and in some extreme cases even offering a service ( black hat or grey hat) that can harm your business rather than benefit it.

 What to Look out for When Speaking to the SEO Professionals

• Apply common sense as much as you can. Just because this is a very technical field, doesn’t mean that normal practices when sensing a scam need not apply.

• Tell them to give you examples of work they’ve carried out

• Contact any clients they have previously worked with to back up their claims.

• Ask them if they only do “white hat” techniques

• Do your research before hand, get a general gist of what SEO is all about.

• Be aware of those who promise the world!

No matter how good you are at SEO there are NEVER any guarantees. The people who accept and will tell you this are more likely to be the ones you can trust.

These are just some general tips for helping you get a company who genuinely cares about you and your business, and will make your SEO work because they want a long term business relationship with you rather than a smash and grab approach!

 SEO in a Nutshell

This is greatly simplified, but in short you want someone who can do you on page seo which includes things like:

• keyword density

• add meta descriptions and titles

• Identify on page errors or issues

• Be able to identity any opportunities to increase conversions (times when a user of the website buys from it for example)

Then there’s the offline Approach to consider that must be done correctly:

• Create back links to your website in an ethical (white hat) manner

• Be able to identify a link profile and know thwart needs to be added to make it look natural to Google

• know what “velocity” back links need to be created to your website

• Be able to have access to a broad range of services and trustworthy reliable websites which will benefit your business and not harm it.

Once again, this is a hugely over simplified explanation on SEO, but hopefully by reading this you have some idea what SEO is, what to look out for when you do have that meeting with an SEO professional, and be able to identify when your might be getting mislead.

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