Converting with Content

So you’ve got your writing persona, you’ve got your own writing style and you can successfully engage an audience. But something’s missing. Profit! Of course, how could I forget. That’s what it all boils down to at the end of the day isn’t it? Ensuring you accumulate more than you speculate.

Exactly! So how do I do this? You can’t buy steak and chips with engaging blog posts and well written content. So this is where relevance in your content comes in. Let’s say we’re writing a blog for drain unblocking in London, and we want to secure some some revenue from this there are certain ways you can encourage a buying mentality without the hardcore sales pitch.

So lets start with the title. Make it punchy. Make it stand out. Make it enticing. This is where you can make the best first impression so you need to be better than those around you and earn that click through to your well written content.

Once you’ve got your title sorted it’s time to get down to the content.  This is where you can flex your content writing muscles to write very slightly persuasively. You want to make sure that you show you know what you’re talking about, you have the capabilities to carry out what you’re talking about and that you’re the right person to carry out what you’re talking about. OK, so, an example:

As we’re working for a drainage company lets write a piece of content regarding how to avoid getting blocked drains. You’re content writing skills do the work of attracting traffic by getting shared on social networks, forums etc. So here’s the conversion.

Your content covers how to avoid getting a blocked drain around the house using the knowledge you’ve gained from having worked in drainage since the first sewers were laid and your more recent experience of modern sewers too. You show that even if your advanced techniques fail, that you have the knowledge to fix the now blocked drains.

This way a person who has a blocked drain can see that you’ve tried to help them and that you’re the good guy looking to help. This way the next time they have a blocked drain they’ll think “I remember that company that offered great advice free of charge, I should give them a call”.

And that is where your conversion comes in. There are obviously other ways to convert with content which I’ll cover in following blogs but for now that’s your lot.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and that you all go on to enjoy a prosperous new year.


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