Content Writing and how to Engage your Audience

“Content writing, Argh! Let’s just outsource it.” Stop! Content writing is simple. The hard part is making it engaging. “Then why don’t we outsource it anyway?”. Because copywriters specialise in quantity of content, not quality. You don’t pay for content by the amount of engagement it receives, you pay for it by the hundred words or so. Yes it’s well written and does have your keywords reading legibly, but it is more than likely to be fodder and as deep and engaging as your average urban puddle.

So lets start off with the actual writing and the structure of the content. And I know as soon as I’ve mentioned structure you’ve thought “Beginning, Middle, End = Done”. Wrong, let’s do this properly.

Introduction: Pick a subject, do some reading around it (10-15 minutes) and then introduce what you’ll be talking about at the start of the post.

Information: You’ve introduced your subject, so lets lay down some knowledge and expand it. This can be a few interesting facts around the subject or a more drawn out summary of what you’re talking about.

Opinion: Here’s where you spike engagement from your audience. Now be honest, it’s easy to have an extreme view of anything but with the rise of internet “trolling” this is now not an advisable technique. Definitely sway to one side of an argument as this will encourage the other side to get involved.

Conclusion: Avoid the usual pitfall of just summarising your post. Mention your opinion in relation to your subject and give reasons for why you hold your opinion therefore concluding your writing.

Sources: Remember that reading you did on your subject? Post links to that here so people can make you’re a trusted source.

So there you have it. That’s my guide on writing lovely, engaging content. If you do give this a go, feel free to get in touch and I’ll take a look over it.

If I don’t check in with you next week have a wonderful Christmas!

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