Content vs. Link Building – Which is Best?

There are many opinions on this, both on the web and amongst different groups of people. It’s also a bit of a chicken and egg situation, content with SEO won’t rank, and SEO won’t work without quality content, so on that basis its quite easy to come to the conclusion that they are equally as important as each other…right??

Well as the old saying goes “Content is King”, this has been true pretty much since the beginning of google, if anything, this has become more vital over the recent years.

Content and Link building (SEO) are 2 very important factors which are required when wanting to make a successful business online. Out of the 2, we would advise concentrating your efforts on content. There’s good evidence to suggest that good quality content in low competitive niches can actually do well in the rankings all by itself.

Not only do you want quality content, but you want this content added to your website on a regular basis. This way Google doesn’t just see you as a “flash in the pan”, a “one trick monkey” if you like.

If you keep providing “unique” content, which the user will read and on a regular basis too, Google will conclude that you are serious about your business and it is something you are working on at present. Unlike the majority of people who throw up a “thin” website, a few pages and then just leave it. On the contrary, Google has been going after such sites in order to reduce their numbers and improve the top listings.

content is king

content is king

However, It’s Not Just Content Which is Key

Yes, content is greatly important, Yes, without good content you won’t get anywhere in rankings and yes, with good content it will get you half way to where you want to be, but that’s the key point right there, the majority of the time, good quality content will get you only halfway to your goal!

Truth be known, without good, white hat SEO behind the content on your website, backing it up and pushing it, chances are you will still end up missing a whole bunch of traffic.


Obviously, it’s easy for us to say one thing and there are many opinions out there, but with great vigour, I think it’s safe to say that Content has been and will always remain King, back this with White hat SEO and you’re looking at a potentially killer combination.

There are scores, if not hundreds of other factors Google take into account for ranking websites, ie keyword density, H1 headers, anchor text etc. But if you stick to just these 2 main principles, then this will take you in the right direction.

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