Content Marketing – What is it, and should I have a strategy?

I touched on this in my last post Is Link Building Dead? Building links as we know it has changed, with Google preferring natural links that are earnt rather than manual links created by submitting sites to directories etc. So this now begs the question “How do I earn links?”. The answer, is content marketing.

This is the process of creating content and getting it in the right place so that people can find it, read it and link to it. This isn’t just a process of creating a generic blog post, including “SEO Manchester” in it a few times and posting this to Facebook and Twitter. It goes deeper than that.

Content should be worth linking to. Whether this be an informative, helpful piece on Content Marketing or whether it’s a satirical piece on the pros of black hat SEO and how great those practices are for the Search Engine Optimisation industry. Here’s how to get started with Content Marketing:

Variety is the Spice of Life

10 blog posts in a row concerning SEO in Manchester is hardly captivating. If you’re wanting to generate links then you need to make sure more angles are looked at. SEO is a constant battle between Google’s Algorithm and every optimisation company out there. The fight is on many fronts and there are vast amounts of topics to create content on. So rather than going for the obvious key phrase, immerse yourself and write in and around the whole subject.

A Little Personality goes a Long Way

I recently read a great piece on the art of Proposals (business proposals, I’m not desperate) and a conclusion I drew from this piece was that “Corporate Speak” has a shelf life. By all means be professional, but show your personality through your writing as well. We all have that person in the office who is unrelentingly making bad jokes, you may scoff but you also smile as they’re showing personality (and puns are actually funny). This is where variety again comes in, if you have a range of writers all showing different personalities on different subjects then you’re bound to identify with someone and this is where you earn your link.

Sharing is Caring

You need to get the ball rolling somehow, and what better way to do this than Social Media? Social Media is almost the new word of mouth and in a click you can get your content out on the web and create a digital “Buzz” earning links left, right and centre (so the theory goes). People will then take these links and spread them to a wider range of sources be it their personal blog, their business blog or a forum where your content is of valuable input.

So that’s content marketing and in response to “Should I have a Strategy” the answer is a resounding Yes.

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