Content Marketing Tip – Answer Questions

So you’re a couple of weeks into your Content Marketing campaign and you’ve got writer’s block. “What on Earth can I write about now? I’ve covered the basics, I’ve given my opinion on a range of different things, so what can I do now?”

You’re a business aren’t you? You have clients? Great! The perfect source is right in front of you. Your customer service will spend all day dealing with client requests and questions. So… Answer them!

A client rings up Net66 and wants to know why there’s suddenly a different page title on his website. Obviously deal with their enquiry first, but what if another person rings in and asks the same thing? And then three more the next week? This is all very time consuming for a very simple answer.

So take that question and answer it. First of all you need to structure what you’re going to write. Beginning, middle, end etc.

Beginning: What is the Question? Why would someone ask this?

In our example case, people would be asking “Why has the content on my website changed?”. Simple, as Net66 are an SEO company, they’ve changed to content to make sure the page is relevant to the targeted keyword.

Middle: Engage with the User and ensure you’ve explained yourself properly.

To other SEOs out there this is understandable and I can only conjure up the image of nodding dogs. But remember, we’re not writing this to other SEO’s, we’re writing this to answer the clients question. Take a different approach, be a bit more informal and you’ll see a better response. Corporate Speak has a shelf life, and a very limited one at that. No one wants to listen to a suit explaining every single little detail twice over as if you’re a child. Delve into the question as you would to your friends at the pub (yes us geeks like the pub too) and don’t be afraid to be casual. Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoody to meet the president, you can’t get more casual than that.

End: Confusion and Conclusion

Empathize with people who might ask this. After all, I know little to nothing about how to lay roof tiles and could ask a simple questions that people in the trade would scoff at. I know what a hammer is if that helps. But I know why the content on your website has changed, here’s the answer and here’s how I can help in future.

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