Content Marketing – Setting up your own Content Creating Conglomerate

No it is isn’t your birthday, but yes you are getting a double dose of Content Marketing advice this week. Our resident SEO Rookie has finally earned his stripes and received his Intermediate Medals. Although the only “Passing Out” parade will be closer to the nearest pub than the nearest military base.

So! Content Marketing and your Content Creating Conglomerate. Basically, the team you run your content marketing with. As with everything, two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two, too many chefs spoil the broth. Wait, what? You heard right, you don’t need a big team around yourself, but neither should you be doing this alone.

The perfect team needs to have the right amount of people, each with their own area of expertise. So lets spell out our team of Content Creatures:

The Writer: Of course you’re going to need a writer, but you need to make sure they’re the right candidate. They have to have that extra strand of DNA that allows them to be creative, explosive, informative and completely bonkers whilst at the same time getting away with it.

The Director: Put your cameras away this isn’t a film. But all the amazing content in the world won’t help you if you have no set direction and are going round and round achieving results, but the same level of results again and again. You need progression, digression, impression and other things that end in ession. This way you can build on your previous success, move into other areas industry and make that telling contribution that leaves a lasting impact on people who will then search for your work.

The Editor: No one is perfect. Not even your ingeniously mad copy writer who may have gone a bit too far off topic. Is this post ready for this website? Unequivocally yes cries the content writer, the editor can see the full picture though and can overrule this ensuring progress stays on track.

The Marketer: Content will get naturally shared and read and blogged about if it is good enough. However you’re starting from nothing and need that initial push. This is where marketing comes into play and gets your content out there. Once the initial raft of shares gets the ball rolling, Mr Marketing can manage this and not only move the ball faster, but give it an almighty whack in the right direction.

So that’s my team. I’m sure others would have it differently and I welcome any comments you have.

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