Content Marketing – It’s not all about the Links

So we’ve covered quite a lot on this topic recently however we still have quite a bit to go. The uses of Content Marketing go much further than getting new business and Link Juice.

Great! We’ve got lots of new business through our recent content marketing, but what do we do now? I know, let’s run a completely new content marketing campaign to get even more New Business!

Woah Nelly! Let’s not rush into anything just yet. You’ve got all this brand new business and you’re just going to discount it with a new Content Marketing campaign aimed at new people? Surely that’s not the optimum way to manage this influx of new clients. Fair enough not every new client is going to attach themselves to your brand but that’s no reason not to try.

Especially when you consider that this client, if treated right, can become loyal to your brand and then offer out organic recommendations to further boost your business. Take these statistics (Courtesy of Roper Public Affairs) for example:

  • 80% of people asked prefer getting company information from a number of articles rather than advertising
  • 70% say content marketing encourages a closer feeling to the company
  • 60% say that company content helps them make better product decisions

All this points to keeping content relevant to new clients that come through for the content. If you were to suddenly change tact and target new users with completely and unrelated content then you’re bound to lose these clients who joined you in the first place due to your previous content.

Let’s inspect the third point. People find these articles helpful, and if you’ve got a new product or special offer coming up who better to target than people already loyal to your brand? Especially when 60% of these people are looking to your content to help them select a product.

Worded correctly, an article published prior to a product release could boost sales from your loyal fan base that are looking to your website for information on product releases.

And that’s another string in Content Marketing’s bow.

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