Castaway with Correct Anchor Text

An important and fundamental, often overlooked aspect of SEO, backlinking specifically, is the anchor text element. It is theorised that there are 2 components to a backlink in the eyes of search engines such as google:

  1. Regardless of the anchor text in your link, each backlink will be counted as a vote from the website its on pointing back to yours.
  1. The actual text itself helps search engines decipher what that page is about.

If you have a page about dog training, for example, then in practise you are pretty much expected to have a backlink with a dog related term in it. That is just common sense.

 The Wrong Way of Back Linking with Anchor Text

A common mistake with people carrying out their own SEO is the anchor text they decide to have in their links.

Often people believe that if you have 100 backlinks pointing back to your “dog training” page, then all 100 links that you have created should say “dog training” in the them…plain and simple…wrong!

Ask yourself this question, is it natural for 100 links to your website to all say exactly the same thing? Absolutely not, and Google knows this, it sees all these links and can come to the conclusion that they have been manually created.

 SEO Breakdown

So if your going to do SEO you need to bear in mind the fact that it has to be done correctly, ie in terms of unique quality content, fist and foremost so you have a solid a foundation to work off.

Then you can make sure your on page SEO is in place, ie Title tags, correct keyword density, page layout etc.

You have a plan on what kind of backlinks you will be using to give you a broad link profile.

 Then there’s Anchor Text

Then as you begin creating those backlinks to your website you must have the correct ratio of anchor text, to the most relevant page.

Here is a guide you can work from, which to date seems to be working, fine, has a natural looking profile and not just targeted to one page.

In our example we will stick with the “dog training” keyword.

Main keyword being targeted “dog training” 30%

Brand name used as anchor text “dog training plc” 15%

Url of the domain “” 15%

Other LSI ( related keywords) to make up the rest of the numbers.

Dont forget your inner pages, the above is an example of targeting a specific page and how ot go about utilising your backlinks, by no means should you ever just target one page, again ask yourself this question, does that look “natural”?

Fact of the matter is, when your doing SEO, good SEO means replicating a natural process of your website acquiring links to it. SO its all about mixing it up, use different anchor text, different backlinks to different pages, don’t be rigid in what you do, google will spot it a mile off!

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