Build a Website for Longevity

Most people think that all they need to do is create a website, throw on a few pages and away you go, start making money in a few weeks or months. To be honest, give it a few years if you like and you go about it this way and chances are you will still make nothing.

Just like any bricks and mortar business, an online website, especially where seo is concerned required either time or money, and sometimes both.

The short cut to making money is buy paying for advertising. This isn’t guaranteed, and if you don’t know what your doing can easily empty your pockets before you know it

Then there’s the seo approach, which is great because it can potentially be free, or you can pay an seo company a monthly fee to the do seo for you. Results take time, and depending on who yo use, that’s not guaranteed. Either.

So putting these different sources of traffic to one side for just one minute, admittedly they are important, but what can YOU do for your business (website) to give yourself the best possible chance of being successful online.

Tips on Succeeding Online as a Business

Content used to be king…and guess what it still is! If yo can continuously add content to your websites week after week, then you will increase the chances of any seo working, content goes hand in hand with fresh new, unique content.

Write for the user and not the search engine. People make this mistake when they are new to online marketing. They think they can try and get round the search engine, and out smart it by trying to create content which manipulates what they do. For instance hiding loads of keywords on the page in the same colour as the background or keyword stuffing, which basically means putting in a keyword to many times on a page to try and get it ranked.

Put the user first and the search engine second. If you write for the people who are coming to view your websites, then you will get rewarded for it.

Have a well structure websites. Navigation is an important thing in Google’s eyes, if a search engine can easily navigate its way through your websites, then chances are so can a user. You never want to be more than 2 or clicks away from a target page someone is searching for on your website.

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