Are Guest Blogging and Forums the Best Kind of Backlinks?

It is always recommended to have a diverse range of backlinks pointing back to your money site, or otherwise known simply as just your website. However, is there a backlink of choice? If you was to concentrate solely on one type of backlink what would it be?

Now we’ve always said, and its a hard thing to disagree with, you should create links which will bring in traffic in on there own merit. SO if we stick with this methodology then backlinks and content submitted as guest blogs and forums are arguably the best form of backlink you can create for your website.

What is a Guest Post?

A guest blog post is basically a post which is submitted to one of your near competitors websites, or a website which has a reasonable PR and is highly related to your niche.

Although you can only really get one backlink from each blog post you write and bet submitted, these are probably the most powerful links you can have, so certainly worth doing.

Why is this a good back link to have?

There are 2 very good reasons why you should go out and try and get these types of backlinks. Firstly Google loves them! If you are getting backlinks from your competitors or other authority sites in your niche then they have their own brand and website to protect, so by adding your content to their website they are more or less saying” yes this website is safe and trustworthy” and seeing as google already sees them as “trustworthy” in theory your rankings will improve.

The other reason is that these websites you are trying to your post posted on will more than likely have traffic in their own right, which can trickle down to yours, and guess what?! Its targeted targeted to!

Choosing a Forum?

If your not familiar of the concept of a forum then basically its a group of people all talking about the same thing. SO if your website happens to be about dog “training”, then simply go look for a dog training forum, or even a pet forum, more relent the better.

 How to use a Forum for Marketing Purpose.

A word of caution here! You cant sign up to a forum and then plaster your links all over the place and say “buy this” or “buy that” in every thread. For one the average reader there will ignore you, as you haven’t “proved” yourself and will deem you as a spammer, but even more important than that, the moderator will show you to the door and slap you silly before he sends you on your merry way!

To some extent you have to be “accepted” on a forum, you have to build trust. The only way your going to do this is by being genuine, help people out, participate in conversation, then slowly you can then maybe pop the odd backlink in, or tell them about your service or products.

If you do it the right way, you have a whole new audience to potentially pitch to, its targeted traffic and there’s no better kind of traffic, and once again google loves this kind of community interaction!

As mentioned at the beginning, ideally you want a variety of different types of backlinks and participation like social media for instance, but if your time is limited, and you need something to get you started on backlinking, then these are probably the most effect ways.

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