Are Comments on a Blog a Good Thing?

If you host a WordPress Blog, you will get spammed. As certain as the rise of the moon, spammers will find your blog and post a steady stream of often nonsensical (sometimes hilarious) comments.

The reason WordPress blogs are targeted so is the ability to post a URL as part of your comment. The fact that the “name” field on the comment acts as anchor text opens up the possibility to effectively choose your own anchor text to link back to your site with.

Great! All I need to do is comment on a load of blogs and choose a keyword rich anchor text and I’ll start to rank right? Wrong. You’re not the first to have that idea and there is a lot of software out there doing this automatically at a rate no human could keep up with.

If your post looks even remotely spammy then you’ll be marked as spam and binned with the rest of them. Some tips to help you get posted:

  • No Spam. i.e. No keyword rich anchor text
  • Engage with the author. Give an opinion, show your interest.
  • Compliment the author. No one is immune to flattery, especially if they’re writing a blog
  • Ask a Question. Encourage the author to come back to you.

You’ve got to remember, if an author doesn’t have a captcha on his comment form then they could be getting hundreds of comments a day. And whilst I’m pedantic enough to go through these hundreds of comments ensuring I read the genuine ones, I’m not sure many people will be. Sure they’ll give them a quick skim over, and that’s when leaving a slightly spammy comment can count against you.

As we all know a healthy link profile is good for a site and not all anchor text has to have to keywords in it, so see this as a chance to build your brand. Try laying your comment out like this:

Name: Company Name


Comment: Hi, great post. I agree/disagree with [specific part of post]. What do you think about [an alternative opinion/product service]. Keep up the goood work. [Your name/Company name].

Here we can see a genuine company showing they’ve read the post, thought about it and engaged the author further. Google will see this as a brand reaching out to other sites and building them up in the industry.

And of course, the more relevant the blog is to your industry the higher quality of link you’ll receive.

Next week we’ll be looking at content writing and how to engage your audience.

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