Another Week, Another Google Update

Yes you have guessed, it was announced and confirmed that there has been a recent Panda refresh. The confirmation and announcement came out on the 22nd January and affected 1.2% of English search queries which make this the 24th Google panda update. Now this panda refresh is slightly smaller than the previous update which was Panda 23 rolled out on the 21st December (1.3%) but many webmasters and including myself have experienced quite a few differences with most recent update.

The main rumour which is going around at the moment is with EMD’s (Exact Match Domains), I have been browsing on the Internet and have noticed that some EMD’s are being pushed to the top of the SERPs even though they are keyword stuffed and have spammy content which are obviously in breach of the webmaster guidelines. So in theory they should be penalised like every other site which breaks these rules. Are EMD’s being favourited again? Even though Google has released a separate update to stop EMD’s being so overpowered and to stop them rising to the top of the SERPs because of the keyword loaded domain, which is making competition a level playing field and that is the way it should be.

So the next big question is when will the next update be and how big will it be? My money is on it being around the 20th February and I am guessing this will be slightly bigger than the most recent update but that is just my opinion. The thing that is worrying is that so many people’s good quality websites are being affected and these are only small refreshes, so what will happen when Google roll out another HUGE update? I would hate to experience the consequences of that.

As I have mentioned in previous posts about Bing and Facebook combining to develop a very clever social media search engine in the graph search which is obviously going to benefit them. Are all of these monthly updates going to benefit Google in anyway? Surely they have to keep up with the competition. How will this benefit Google you may ask well here is my opinion/theory;

Google’s main source of income is Adwords and if Google are seeing a slight dip in income from its main source then surely they must have to do something about this so why not affect the good quality high competition websites which are getting just as many clicks as Adwords is. It may seem a bit extreme but it makes sense that the updates are affecting these quality natural rankings to eliminate the main threat to Google’s main source of making money.  As always any feedback/comments on this article are much appreciated.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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