Analysis of Google Analytics.

Many SEO companies heavily rely on Google Analytic data when reporting to clients and rightly so. Google Analytics are an SEO person’s best friend; the data we can retrieve from this is outstanding. We can tell clients basically anything about their website when it comes to SEO. The main focus statistic has to be the amount of visitors to and from the website, we are able to track the flow of traffic with the “visitor flow” option. This basically shows us where the substantial amounts of visitors have been on your site and where they have dropped off. Analytics also gives you a percentage of drop offs and click through rate to other pages within your website.

Google Analytics can pick up the smallest amount of detail of visitors such as the operating system and the screen resolution the visitors have used. Yes, you are thinking how that is possible and this is the power of Google Analytics. As you can imagine this piece of data is down to the bare bones of your website and that is why we find this product so helpful.

Another clever feature the Analytics has is that it allows you to integrate webmaster tools, this brings some very useful features which you can also report on such as the amount of impressions the website has had over the past month and the percentage of the click through rate. This allows the owner of the website and the person working on the SEO to see how many times the website has been seen and the average amount of people who have clicked through.

Google have really developed a masterpiece of code which can track all of these small but very important details when it comes to SEO and reporting on the progress of a website. People in the SEO world will know that when they optimise a website and target a range of keywords which will generate their client the most traffic that Google will also rank them for other related keywords. Analytics allows the owner of the website to see what impact these bonus keywords have, we are able to track the time spent on the site, how many pages the visitor has clicked on, which city they are from all of this information could be vital to running an SEO Campaign.

Next Week I will be discussing Social Bookmarking, feel free to comment and give us some feedback of your thoughts on this subject.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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