About Us

The Manchester SEO Company spun off from a weblog by our parent company who have been trading for over ten years. As our name suggests, we offer search engine optimisation services from our base in central Manchester.

Having learnt from the best, we have branched out and started taking on clients. Our comprehensive SEO services entail on-site SEO (tuning up websites themselves) and off-site SEO (promoting websites via social media for example).

On-Site SEO

With Manchester SEO Company’s roots, online content creation is among our major strengths, which is fortunate as the page content is important as it’s one of the many factors that affect Search performance. If you’re looking to optimise a site, we can ensure you’re never short of creative, entertaining and relevant content. Not only well written, but also well optimised for all major search engines. In doing so, we ensure keyword density is thoroughly monitored and that all page titles and metadata content best reflect your site and each page.

We ensure that fresh content is added to your site whenever it needs updating. Therefore not only boosting relevant content but also linking opportunities; extra fodder for internal linking and potential link bait.

Off-Site SEO

Today’s websites need an extra dimension to maintain popularity and rankings with search engine directories. This is where Manchester SEO Company’s expertise comes to the fore. Nowadays, link building has gone beyond inbound links from reputable directories. Our SEO services include links analysis where we look at present links and consider where links are needed.

Gone are the days where websites could be buoyed by manual links alone; today, they also need to be earned. Via content marketing and a proactive social media strategy, with organic links to your website. In other words, the types of linking practices approved by Google and other search engines.

As well as conducting social media campaigns, our off-site SEO services include creating compelling content to use as entities for relevant websites/blogs to link to and guest blogging. We also promote this content across all social media channels to amplify it to a wider audience.

Tell Me More!

If you fancy seeing higher search engine rankings, lower bounce rates and a better web presence, why not talk to us on 0845 112 2530? Our fellows at the Manchester SEO Company will get back to you soon as possible.