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Otherwise known as Digital or Online Marketing, Internet Marketing is a catch-all term for internet and email based marketing campaigns, to drive leads and sales online. For your business it is part of the media mix which includes print-based advertising (newspapers, magazines, periodicals and outdoor advertising), direct mail, commercial radio and television.

Internet marketing is a channel of its own, a multifaceted one like BBC One or ITV with a number of strands. There are numerous disciplines and scopes for national or local coverage. The latter could be hyperlocal, supposing we focus on a sandwich shop in Stalybridge or Dukinfield instead of North West England. The former could be for high profile product launches or special offers, perhaps on £3.00 Meal Deals at a certain chemist chain.

Depending on how wide you cast your net, it can reach a large number of people within a given area. A small business could promote themselves on community based social networking pages with high traffic for its locality and a wide age range. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, internet marketing allows for a more personalised customer experience.

Behind the wheel of an effective marketing campaign is a wealth of people. Like web design companies, digital agencies, SEO and PPC marketing consultancies and email marketing companies. For many people, an internet marketing agency may be suitable. They can dot the Is and cross the Ts in terms of social media maintenance, email marketing campaigns and display advertising.

Most importantly it is all about getting noticed. All the efforts in tweaking your website for the latest devices would count for nothing if nobody knew about it. Hence online marketing, and its role in driving traffic to boost sales.

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Promoting Your Website

As well as digital marketing, the success of your website can be helped by word of mouth or traditional media. Such as including your domain name on publicity material or letterheads. To some extent, they pale into insignificance compared with a Top Ten spot on Google.

Using a search engine is an everyday occurrence for all web users. Like making sure, we put our shoes on before leaving the house; checking the times of our next bus to work; doing a ‘big shop’ each fortnight; booking tickets for a future gig. Your business website could be their desired supermarket, theatre, or local bus operator.

The likes of Google and Yahoo! have ways of deciding whom to list the highest, based on quality and relevance. We could push for the top spot on our own efforts, but a third party could be the Sherpa Tenzing to yourself in Sir Edmund Hillary’s role. In other words, a company offering SEO services to guide you to the summit, enabling you to stay there through a combination of techniques. Such as link building, keyword optimisation and social media campaigns.

Then there are paid-for methods. Facebook and Google offer paid advertising methods. On creating a business page via Facebook, you can buy advertising to drive people to your page and ultimately your website. Google’s paid advertising approach is based on Pay Per Click advertisements. Pay Per Click (or PPC) rates are based on visitors clicking to your website. Prices vary according to your chosen search phrase. “Meal Deals” may be considerably more expensive than “Sandwich Shop Stalybridge”.

Here’s where we come in…

Today, internet marketing is a must, even for the smallest and most local businesses. With the internet displacing the Yellow Pages from many households it is perhaps the most effective form of advertising available. A quick browse could sway our purchasing habits in seconds rather than hours. The largely redundant telephone table could be advertised on Gumtree or a local second-hand shop’s eBay account.

In an era where being called Aardvark Associates no longer guarantees a first-page position, we can offer you a tailor-made SEO solution that works in your business’ favour. One where your site’s lofty position is based upon effective communication – ethical on-page and off-page SEO, social media campaigns and first rate content.

This is where Manchester SEO Company can set you on your way. Call us on 0845 112 2530.