Welcome to the Manchester SEO Company


The Manchester SEO Company are here to help businesses of all sizes to reach potential clients looking for their services. People looking for something will typically go for one of the top three websites, meaning all of the rest will lose out on that traffic. Search engines will organise and rank websites by how useful they think it will be to the user, using an extremely complex set of rules, laid out in their algorithms.

This is where we come in. We can take a website, and tweak it so that the search engines will favour the website over all of the others. We do this by making sure the website matches what the search engine will consider a perfect result. In the UK, the vast majority of searchers use Google, so we focus on them. We use Google’s guidelines — what they think is the “ideal” result — and work to make the website when we make our changes.

100% White-hat SEO Techniques

You may have heard about Black-hat SEO. We don’t do that. Why risk ruining a website’s search performance for the chance of a quick ranking boost? It’s not worth that risk. Because we follow the Search Engine’s guidelines, our SEO work is purely white-hat meaning there’s no chance of getting caught by an algorithmic penalty. This results in a more efficient ranking improvement, as these are what Google and other Search engines believe their users want. They have an extensive amount of analysis which helps them work out what people want. We will optimise the website for both Search performance and speed. Users can be put off by slow websites, so we will make them load faster.

In select cases, we will write and release content on the web site’s blog, as an extra method of gaining high-quality content for users and search engines to read. Content is an important component in any SEO Strategy. We can also share this on your Social Media profiles. Writing blog articles helps improve the freshness of the website's content. Freshness is a term used to describe how often content is posted and updated on the website. If a site is neglected, it won't perform as well as one that is tended to regularly.

Contact us for any of your SEO queries. We are more than happy to help.